Marketing Solutions

At IMC we provide the perfect marketing solutions by understanding your business and your clients. Our marketing initiatives are fully personalized to meet the needs of your business and ensure the best possible experience for your customers. Our expert team puts the latest technology in digital media to full use for your benefit, thus enabling us to give you the assurance of a successful and perfectly executed campaign, whatever the goals of your business. Lets ideate success together….

Social Media Optimization

At IMC we believe that Social Media Optimization or SMO is a key factor that ensures your business has a significant online presence. Clichéd though it might sound, social media platforms are the most popular way to reach out to a large client base in this digital age. It is also very important to position your business the right way on social media platforms. We can help generate a positive perception when it comes to your business or service or product. Generating visibility does not end there. We believe that our solutions must cater to your needs and also beyond, to the needs of your customers. Lets ideate success together….

search engine Optimization

AT IMC we are committed to ensuring that your business not only has a significant online presence but it is also easy to find. If a prospective client is looking for something your business has to offer, he should not have to browse through pages of search engine results to locate you. We give you the assurance of easy visibility through our expertise in Search Engine Optimization techniques. We can put this technology to best use and to your advantage seamlessly. Enriching the experiences of your customers by helping your business naturally show up in the top results of popular search engines is our commitment to you. Lets ideate success together….

Pay per click

At IMC we are the experts in executing perfection when it comes to PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns. PPC not only lends itself seamlessly to align with other marketing channels, it also comes with the advantage of being very easy to measure and track. Advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks on your website and this is a great way to attract and increase traffic to your site. PPC is the best choice for targeting business goals in a very precise manner. We give you the assurance of a PPC campaign tailored to suit the needs of your business to perfection. Lets ideate success together……

web analytics

At IMC we believe that it is just as important to know your customers as it is to understand your business. Our expert team uses Web analytics techniques to your full advantage. These techniques are aimed at analyzing visitor behavior to your site and pinpointing key information like the search engine that brings you the most traffic, the frequently used keywords that direct traffic to your site and the most frequently used referral sites. We understand that it is not only about gathering this key information but also about putting this data to the best use. Lets ideate success together…..

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