Ideating success together. At IMC we are dedicated to understanding your business and planning the right app for you. An app that is not only designed to bring you maximum returns but also one that stands out from the crowd when it comes to ease of use and degree of responsiveness, irrespective of the device it is being used on.


Android Development

Choosing the Android platform for your app has many advantages in store for your business. Android is an open source platform which means unlimited growth possibilities and more reach because of its easy accessibility. It offers a very high customizable user interface which enriches user experience. At IMC, we can ensure that your app is fully customized to cater to the needs of your business and your customers. Android also offers the advantages of being easier to manage and easier to adapt. Last but not the least, it is the largest OS market with the number of users increasing on a daily basis. Don’t get left behind. Make the best of Android apps for your business. IMC can help you make it happen!



Apple remains unbeaten when it comes to the paying capacity of its users and this is the biggest advantage your business gets with an IOS app- paying customers. Being a superior brand in consumer electronics, IOS clients are always happy customers used to perfect hardware and seamlessly functioning software. IOS clients are used to the best customer experiences because every IOS app works fluidly on every iphone. All the more reason why an IOS app is an absolute must for your business. An IOS app comes with unbeatable security. At IMC, we can work with you to create the perfect IOS app that caters to the needs of your business and your clients seamlessly.


Hyperttext Preprocessor or PHP comes with the advantage of an open source framework which makes it the general purpose programming language of choice for web development projects which are dynamic, responsive and fully customizable. Among its many advantages are great levels of flexibility, ease of integration because of its compatibility with all major platforms, high levels of security and the availability of a great number of resources. At IMC, we can ensure your business gets all these advantages of PHP and more.


WordPress development

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System or CMS that gives you a plethora of advantages. You can update your site yourself from wherever you are – that is the degree of flexibility it offers. Using WordPress automatically gives you the advantage of responsive web design for your business. It is search engine optimization ready and your site’s capabilities can be upgraded easily at anytime. WordPress is the right choice for content marketing. At IMC, we make sure your business gets all these advantages and more.

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