I=mc². Marketing is all about communication. Simplicity and clarity along with effective information that reaches the target audience on the right platforms at the right time is what communication is all about. Packaging communication in the right light for positive perception is our business and commitment to you!

IMC Junction is a team of committed digital marketing experts with more than a decade of combined experience. Our vast and varied experiences in this field have taught us the importance of listening to our clients. It has taught us the importance of understanding your needs and more importantly the needs of your customers.


We are proud to state that members of the IMC team have been in this business since the start of the IT boom in the early 90s and have been part of innumerable pioneering projects. Backed by this rich experience, we can confidently assure you of the perfect solutions for the needs of your business. We take pride in the quality of our work. We are not afraid to listen to you and incorporate your ideas in our design solutions. We are fully committed to ideating success with you.

The IMC team believes that growth means growing together. Ensuring your business communicates seamlessly with your customers is our priority. Our dedication to the perfect execution of all our projects stands testimony to this.


IMC is a one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. We believe in offering integrated end to end solutions that work for you simply by creating the best experiences for your customers. Be it App Development or Web Services or even Digital Design for traditional marketing tools like newspaper advertisements, our team of experts work towards the satisfaction of your customers. Our promise is that we function like an extension of your in-house marketing team. We ideate success backed by perfect execution.


The IMC team uses its expertise and experience to bring you perfectly executed and fully customized end to end digital marketing solutions. Partner with us to ideate success and grow together.

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