We live in the age of the “mobile app” where everyone is used to the convenience of picking up their mobile phone and tapping a button or two to get work done. Don’t leave your business behind! Don’t disappear in the crowd either….. STAND OUT. Get the IMC advantage. Lets ideate success together.


Apple’s app store is projected to reach over 5 million apps and Google Play downloads are expected to triple by 2020. Only the tip of the iceberg….


PHP is a great open source programming language to create interactive and dynamic websites which makes it a important language for the WP developers.

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Branding Services

Whatever your business, product or service, success depends on how your customers perceive your company. This is where branding or positioning comes into play. Even a great business goes nowhere if it is not noticed. At IMC Junction, we can ensure your business Stands Out from the crowd. Lets ideate success together!


We believe UI/UX design is not only about solving problems but also about enriching the experience of the customer.


Marketing Collateral

At IMC we give you the assurance of evolving with the times when it comes to any marketing collateral to help grow your business.

Brand Strategy

At IMC we believe that any brand strategy should evolve as a natural collaboration between business and customers.


Media, be it traditional or digital, plays a vital role how the public perceives your business. At IMC, we help you get noticed for the right reasons.

web Services

At IMC Junction we understand what your requirements are and provide fully customized web services for seamless growth.

Responsive Layout

IMC gives you the assurance of a perfect website through our understanding of the importance of responsive design. Whether your clients are viewing your website…

eCommerce Solutions

At IMC we understand the impact of eCommerce in today’s market. We ensure your electronic storefront is everything that it should be.

Content Management

At IMC we understand how important it is to have control over your site and offer content management solutions that fit perfectly.

Marketing Solutions

Portray your business in the best light and sow positive perception in the minds of your clients. This is an assurance you get from IMC every time.


The IMC team works with you seamlessly to address critical issues such as online visibility and positive client interactions which are vital for your business in this age of the internet.


IMC is committed to ensuring that your business Stands Out from the crowd. Make your website easy to find and easy to categorize.


We at IMC are experts at directing traffic to your business through seamlessly integrating PPC campaigns with your website.

Web Analytics

IMC can help you understand the needs of your customers better through web analytics which analyses data pertaining to the visitors to your site.

Our work

At IMC our work is our commitment to the success of our customers. We orchestrate your success by ensuring the best experiences for our customers.














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